Jennifer Boyle’s personal ingredients in canine education

My name is Jennifer and I have been working in the world of dog education for nearly 15 years as a dog behaviour therapist. I became a behaviour therapist through an internationally recognized organisation. My behaviour therapy studies were focussed on dogs of all ages with a wide range of behaviour problems. I spent the first 4.5 years working with over 750 dogs of different ages and breeds and successfully solving all kinds of different behaviour problems that are commonly experienced by families and their dogs, for example: separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, pulling on leash, jumping on guests, barking etc… My clients could see benefits starting immediately, right there during the first lesson.
In February 2011 a new opportunity came my way, which was to work for the MIRA Foundation. Our family had already been involved with the Mira Foundation for 7 years as a foster family for their puppies during their first year. When I started at the Foundation, my job was to train dogs to assist autistic children, successfully training 16 dogs and seeing them go off with their beneficiary.

Her experience with the MIRA Fondation

Due to my past experience, I was transferred to the foster family department at MIRA where I was responsible for the over 350 puppies that left the Foundation with foster families each year. That is a lot of puppies! I would see each puppy and its family for several developmental and behavioural visits through their first year, and was the person at the other end of the phone for the families to help with their day-to-day puppy challenges. This experience has greatly helped me enhance my understanding of puppies, their instincts and their communication. The combined levels of experience I have had throughout my career are a huge asset to YOU, and to my immediate and future doggie customers of all ages and their families.

I am blessed to have a true talent, understanding and passion for puppies, dogs and their families, and am committed to ensuring that each family member gets the attention they need during each lesson to maximize the program’s benefits at each visit. I also believe that it is very important to laugh and have fun during each lesson – a great way to learn, in my experience!

The importance of educating your dog

Starting your puppy off the right way can improve your entire experience over the lifetime of your dog. Learning how to work with an older dog with the right techniques can solve all sorts of unpleasant behaviours that we might feel we just have to live with out of love for our dog. This program will give you the techniques and understanding you need, and the results will start to show immediately.

Needless to say, dogs are my passion!