A complete and very welcoming boarding service

We are very proud of our boarding facilities, and have invested much thought, love, experience and passion into building what we feel is a very welcoming, safe, comfortable and fun place for your dog to “vacation” while you are away!

Our indoor facilities:

Each boarding pen was designed to welcome your dog into a cozy and secure environment. The design also allows easy and thorough cleaning.

We have boarding pens of different dimensions,and can comfortably accommodate dogs
of all breeds and sizes.

If you have more than one dog, they can be boarded together if you wish.

We ask that you bring whatever type of bedding you feel your dog will be most comfortable with, a few toys and an adequate amount of food for the duration of their stay.

Our outdoor facilities

Outdoor playtime is included in the boarding costs. Weather permitting; the dogs will have several hours of supervised outdoor fun each day. On colder days, when the smaller and short haired breeds can’t be out as long, we will have them play in our indoor classroom area.

We have three large fenced-in pens and will place your dog with others of similar age, size and temperament. This ensures lots of fun for you dog in a safe environment, and some buddies to play with.

Our fences are 8 feet high and are buried 12” underground to ensure that no diggers manage to sneak out. We also have roofs over the outer perimeter of most of the pens, designed to discourage any jumpers, reduce snow build-up around the inside of the fences, and provide some nice shady areas in the summer months.

  • As an added safety feature a bright orange collar, labeled with our name and phone number, will be fitted and worn by each dog throughout its stay with us.
  • Any dog who’s family has already started a full 6 class In-Home Style training program will also get 1 hour of “tune-up” included per week of boarding.


Since some dogs don’t eat as much the first few days they are in a new environment, adding a little soft food can get them back on track with their meals and is gentle on the tummy. Canned food will be available to help any dog that may be feeling a little unsure in its first few days here.

  • If you feel your dog will need a little extra help relaxing and settling in, we have a pheromone spray which, upon request, can be applied to your dog’s bedding.While your dog is here, he or she will be having a lot of fun playing with his/her new buddies. You may like to have your dog freshened up a bit before putting it into your car for the drive home. We offer a bathing service, and your dog can be clean and brushed when you pick it up.
  • Hourly training is available if you would like us to work on anything specific with your dog while it is staying with us. Just let us know what you would like us to work on, and the number of hours you would like your dog to benefit, and we’ll be happy to get the issues sorted out during your dog’s stay.
  • Since bringing your dog into our environment gives them exposure to other dogs, we require that for all of our boarding guest, you bring proof of your their vaccinations when you drop them off.
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