Dog training programs with real results

We are happy to now offer different types of training programs. Every dog, every owner and family is unique, and will benefit from different types of programs to assure the best results!

We are NOT a “one size fits all” obedience program. We will help you get real results in your daily life by advising which program will work best for the issues you want to correct.

Before you move on to reading about the different types of programs we offer, let me start by listing some of the behaviors that we are all frustrated, embarrassed, worried or down right FED-UP with! We tend to feel that because we love our dogs, we have to live with these behaviors. The great news is that you don’t have to. Let’s get to work and solve these problems for you and your family. Your dog will thank you!

Dog in Training

  • Separation anxiety
  • Jumping on you or your guests
  • Pulling on leash
  • Not coming when called
  • Stealing objects
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Fearfulness
  • Aggression
  • Toilet training
  • etc.

A unique training and education program

Whichever program you choose, we will always make sure that you and your dog are creating a bond of trust and respect with each other. We are going to show you how to “think dog” and understand their instinctive behaviors.

In-Home Style Training


This is my first recommendation for any dog owner and their family. This unique program allows us to simulate a home environment. We have a classroom set up specifically for the in-home style training. In our daily lives with our dogs, it is more than their obedience that we need to understand and change in order to build a better, more enjoyable relationship with our dogs.

  • Starting the training with our in-home style program and training room is very important since this best simulates the daily relationship you have with your dog. It will be very helpful for you and your dog to benefit from all the distractions, stimulants and bad habits they encounter in their daily environment while we are working together in our in-home style classroom.
  • All dogs have a natural instinct towards certain pack rules, communication and structure. My goal is to help you, the dog owner, understand how to fill all these areas with your dog. Understanding these needs can help you achieve an easier, more respectful, satisfying and deeper relationship with your dog. Dogs are very willing and happy to please their human owner. It is very rewarding to have the ability to better understand and communicate with your dog. We can then successfully focus on obedience training.
  • Our in-home style classroom allows me to have the set-up necessary to teach you all the important steps and put them in practice in an every-day type of environment. Another extremely important aspect we cover is how you then transfer these exercises back to your home and daily routine.
  • My experience as a behavior specialist gives me a unique perspective on the needs you, your dog and your family have. You will see immediate results.
  • We tend to feel it’s important to have our dogs listen to and execute commands. The truth is, that’s not how dogs work with each other. Our dogs need to see that we understand them and know how to earn their respect. The rest will follow.

My unique program will show you WHAT you need to do, HOW to do it and WHY.

Traditional Training


We offer several different levels of traditional training classes which allow you to achieve the obedience level that best suits you and your furry friend.
These classes teach you how to improve the way your dog listens to and executes commands, and also provide different levels of distractions.


This level is for puppies from the age of 10 weeks, who have had their basic vaccines.
The program allows them to get used to walking on a leash, and teaches socializing skills with other puppies, their humans, and a few older dogs as well. I will give you guidance to help with any difficult puppy behaviors that you may be finding challenging, such as nipping, toilet training, etc. I will also explain the best way to communicate with your puppy, and what behavior is reasonable to expect from them during this stage.


This level of training consists of basic obedience training. We will begin by building trust and confidence between you and your dog. We will then start teaching basic commands which will include: Sit, Down, Stay (with you standing nearby), come, as well as not nipping or jumping on you or your guests. We will also introduce a proper walking position (heel) to your dog, and correct any pulling.


In level 2 we will perfect your dog’s obedience and start working with a long training leash. Our goal is to strengthen the connection between you and your dog and start working further apart. This will allow you to successfully have your dog listen to commands from a distance, and build a strong recall.


In level 3 we will be working without a leash. By level 3 you will have built a very strong relationship with your dog, and this will allow us to no longer need a leash. We will also introduce signal commands to replace any verbal commands.


Some families or owners prefer private obedience classes. This type of class is available to you if you would like, and will be scheduled on an hourly basis.


Some families or individuals would like their dog to have a specialized type of training. This program lasts 6 weeks during which we will work on any specific behaviors, commands or needs you would like us to perfect with your dog. Your dog will be boarded here with us during the training. When you pick up your dog at the end of the session, we will have a 2-hour lesson together to show you how to continue with the new techniques. As an example, we recently trained a one-year-old dog to alert her hearing-impaired mistress to specific sounds, such as the telephone and doorbell.

BordetellaProof of your dogs’ vaccinations requiredSince bringing your dog into our environment gives them exposure to other dogs, we require that for all training programs, you bring proof of your dogs’ vaccinations when you come to the first visit.

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